AMPLEXOR partners with Documentum for large-scale document management deployments

Since its foundation in 1990, Documentum has been able to keep a prominent spot in the document management landscape. It is a robust, scalable and feature-rich document management platform which has proven its value in numerous large-scale deployments where content is critical to business operations and environments are demanding. Documentum offers a vast range of integrated document management components, supporting the complete content lifecycle from capture (Captiva), through document management and business process management (Documentum xCP and D2), to archiving (InfoArchive).


Documentum can be deployed in a broad range of document-intensive solutions such as digital case management systems, knowledge bases, digital mailrooms and digital document archives.

Content management with Documentum

Simplify, organize, control, and provide secure access.

Enterprise data capture with Captiva and Documentum

Transform paper into a business advantage by faxes and paper-based content into application-ready information.

Process optimization with Documentum

Automate information-intensive business processes for better decision-making.

Personalize business communications with Documentum

Create highly customized and personalized multichannel customer communications.

Content and records security with Documentum

Ensure retention, records, disposition and specialized encryption and access.

Documentum advaced reporting solution

Generate custom dashboards and reports in a variety of formats with myInsight, AMPLEXOR’s certified powerful add-on for Documentum. Learn more

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Documentum has a very broad spectrum of enterprise document management features and solutions ranging from scanning software, over document management and business process management, to document generation. Combined with its cross-industry reputation for scalability, it is typically used in scenarios where high volumes of documents are processed and/or where complex business processes are modelled end-to-end. Recently, Documentum invested in front-end composition frameworks (D2, xCP) which dramatically decrease solution development costs.


AMPLEXOR customers such as Provincie Antwerpen, the Dutch Digital Trade Register, the Data Protection Authority, DSM, Galderma, Nuvia, Fluxys, etc.

Other EMC2 Documentum users worldwide include the European Space Agency, the County of Los Angeles, Warner Bros Recordings, The Whitehouse, Universal Music, Sanofi Pasteur, and Greenpeace UK.


AMPLEXOR has been a prominent successful Documentum partner over the years and is the creator of myInsight, one of Documentum's most successful certified

AMPLEXOR is OpenText Reseller Platinum


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