AMPLEXOR PlantProject Expert - Document management for design, procurement, and construction of industrial facilities

AMPLEXOR PlantProject Expert supports the management, control, and monitoring of all documentation related to the design, procurement, and construction phases, as well as renovation and decommissioning works. Securing all of the project documentation in a central repository, PlantProject Expert ensures efficient and compliant projects from the early stages of plant design, and a smooth transition from project teams to operations.

AMPLEXOR PlantProject Expert can be delivered through on-site installation or as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, including hosting, and operational and maintenance services.

AMPLEXOR PlantProject Expert infographic

AMPLEXOR PlantProject Expert is built on OPIDIS Project module of Idox France, which is based on OpenText's Documentum certified technology.


Increase project efficiency
Increase project efficiency
Meet contractual deadlines
Meet contractual deadlines
Improve control of teams and subcontractors
Improve control of teams and subcontractors
Ensure compliance with business rules and regulatory requirements
Ensure compliance with business rules and regulatory requirements
Capitalize on project knowledge
Capitalize on project knowledge


Easy and quick setup thanks to pre-defined/out-of-the-box features and configuration, and iterative method:

AMPLEXOR PlantProjectExpert Implementation Setup

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Central repository for all existing plant documents

Central repository for all existing documents

Role-based access for all involved actors

Role-based access for all involved actors (owner; Engineering, Procurement, and Construction [EPC]; Health, Safety and Environment [HSE]; subcontractors; inspection & control; vendors; etc.)

Compatible with all types of documents and formats: engineering drawings, piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID), BIM (Revit, IFC), procedures

Review of technical documents

Review process for technical documents with incoming and outgoing transmittals, annotations in PDF format and distribution matrix

Bulk processing and import/export of documents

Project management and reporting

Project management and reporting: advanced and customized reports, including “S curve”, for progress monitoring (based on myInsight)

Final “as-built” documents

Compilation, packaging and delivery of final “as-built” documents

Advanced Computer-Aided Design (CAD) documents management

Advanced BIM

Advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM) data management

Additional business widgets

Additional business widgets: risk management, task management, document encryption

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