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Need to manage documentation, share knowledge or structure information? Take knowledge flows to the next level. Enable your organization to improve productivity, efficiency and the quality of decision making, thus providing best-in-class customer service.

For more than 30 years, we have been helping clients across industries to streamline the lifecycle of their information: from capture and management to distribution and archiving, via the elimination of paper and the enhancement of content visibility. Combining document management with compliance and security functionalities, AMPLEXOR Enterprise Content Management empowers all your employees to access the right content at the right time.


We cover all your document-related business processes to ensure information is easily accessible, fuelling efficient collaboration and employee productivity within and across organizational boundaries

Document management

A unified and scalable repository to house digital documents and data. Simplify asset management with advanced features for information capture, indexing, storage, search, versioning and workflow automation. 

Insights and reports

Make better decisions based on up-to-date intelligence over your business content. With access to real-time data, custom reports and interactive dashboards on desktop or mobile, you're empowered to drive your organization to success. Learn more

Data capture

Eliminate manual data entry tasks with intelligent technology that classifies, extracts and validates data from paper, electronic files, and other sources, transforming it into digital content.

Digital archiving

Protect critical digital content, such as core business information or assets for industry specific regulation and ensure the document’s lifecycle conforms to legal and regulatory requirements.

Digital Mailroom

Automate all communication streams (paper or digital), from mail classification to data extraction and distribution within the organization's workflows and content repositories, to improve mail traceability and compliance and provide better customer service.

Meeting management

Prepare, manage and store board, department or team meeting documentation. Distribute the agenda to participants, track action items, organize and archive relevant outputs and preserve confidentiality of sensitive information.

Quality management

Achieve compliance through a transparent structured way of managing quality documents and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), from creation through automated versioning to disposal.

ECM operational services

A suite of services to keep your ECM platform running in a performant way. From training, implementation and application monitoring to incident or change management, we offer different levels of service and performance agreements.


Preserve corporate knowledge with tbe right enterprise information management system
Preserve corporate knowledge

Remove geographical and organizational boundaries and manage information as  your most mission critical asset.

Optimize business communication with integrated enterprise content management
Optimize business communication

Relay accurate and consistent information its full business context to your employees, partners and customers.

Boost employee productivity by automating document management and archiving
Boost employee productivity

Reduce the amount of time employees need to spend on creation, storage, archiving and distribution of information.

Gain complete process visibility with an end-to-end content management solution
Gain complete process visibility

Handle more information in less time, reduce or eliminate manual tasks and improve overall work efficiency.

Reduce basic operational costs with an enterprise-grade content management system
Reduce basic operational costs

Eliminate paperwork, streamline processes with digital workflows, optimize floor space and prevent security breaches.

Guarantee business transparency and compliance
Guarantee compliance

Support transparent review cycles, automated version management, application of retention schedules and disposition.

Find your way to agile information governance


Real-time Documentum reports and dashboards for global pharma company

Download this case study to learn how the Documentum reporting solution developed by AMPLEXOR became a source of valuable information that saves time for users on their daily tasks and improves productivity across the organization.

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Creating a digital mailroom with Alfresco for the city of Ghent

Download this case study to find out how AMPLEXOR built an Alfresco solution to increase the efficiency and quality of Ghent’s mail handling.

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Moving from paper to digital insurance underwriting with Alfresco at Credendo Group

Download this case study to discover how AMPLEXOR helped Delcredere | Ducroire move from paper to digital insurance underwriting with Alfresco.

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Digital transformation in the public sector boosts entrepreneurship and innovation

Download this case study to discover how partnering with AMPLEXOR transformed the way the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KVK) services citizens and businesses. With faster, more accessible public services, KVK created a hassle-free environment for business and entrepreneurship in The Netherlands.

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Aerospace Documentation Suite

Management of technical documentation related to aircraft and engines manufacturing and maintenance, airlines and air operators.

Plant Information Management

Technical, administrative and contractual documents and data management across the industrial plant's lifecycle.

Official Publications Suite

Management and publishing of high volumes of regulated documentation for public institutions and governmental bodies.

Technical Communication Suite

Product information management to support premium after sales experience in automotive & manufacturing industries.


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