AMPLEXOR Enterprise Collaboration Technology and Services

AMPLEXOR Enterprise Collaboration helps organizations adapt to the new world of modern workspaces and digital collaboration. Using the latest technology and redesigning internal workflows, we develop modern collaborative ecosystems to engage users and promote better teamwork across our clients’ entire stakeholder networks. Transform the way you work through an end-to-end approach: bridge the gap between content and people to maximize connectivity, mobility, productivity and efficiency organization-wide. 


AMPLEXOR Digital Workplace and Employee Experience solutions

Transforming employees’ experiences
Empower employees to work from any device and stay fully productive on the go with mobile and remote access to all business applications and documents.

  • Remote access
  • File sharing
  • Mobile apps
  • Messaging tools (IM)
  • Social collaboration
  • Web Conferencing
  • Online storage
  • Document management
  • Personalized feeds and notifications


AMPLEXOR Next Generation Intranets and social collaboration portals

The innovative “social by design” portals
AMPLEXOR’s modern intranet and extranet solutions help organizations engage dispersed teams, disseminate corporate values and ensure transparent communication.

  • Centralized CMS
  • Inline editing and publishing
  • Approvals workflows
  • Real-time updates
  • Translation connectors
  • Responsive design
  • Personalized homepage
  • Social feedback tools
  • Dynamic widgets
  • Internal blogs
  • Employees directory


AMPLEXOR collaboration solutions for businesses and organizations

Take teamwork to the next level
Extend secure collaboration beyond internal teams and promote better communication with all your stakeholders (such as subsidiaries, partners and suppliers). 

  • Team & project sites
  • Project management 
  • Task planning
  • Collaborative authoring
  • Document sharing
  • Review & approval workflows
  • Forums and business groups
  • Insights & reports
  • Advanced search
  • Automated synchronization
  • Integration with other apps


The benefits of this enterprise-wide collaboration span across mobility, productivity and connectivity, without compromising security or budget. 

AMPLEXOR collaboration solutions maximize mobility and productivity enterprise-wide
Mobile productivity

Empower your employees to do their best work anywhere: from home, on-the-go or in offices around the globe, while reducing staff travelling needs and desktop technology infrastructure.

AMPLEXOR guides your organization to increase speed to market of new products and services
Increase speed to market

Help your organization grow with a 180-degree turn on teamwork: combine real-time collaborative authoring, integrated notifications and side-by-side chat for feedback and approvals on-the-spot.

AMPLEXOR delivers full collaborative ecosystems to optimize teamwork across locations
Optimize teamwork

Provide the perfect collaborative spaces to increase employee engagement, leading to productive discussions and faster decisions across your organization, while protecting content and connections, even on mobile.

AMPLEXOR collaboration solutions help you foster innovation
Foster innovation

Open way to a new collaborative culture that values corporate memory, crowdsourcing of ideas and co-creation to innovate your products, services and customer experience.

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