AMPLEXOR Digital Transformation Consulting Services

AMPLEXOR partners with your organization to support all your business transformation phases: from digital strategy design to ongoing optimization, through information governance and technology integration, we provide a full range of consulting services.


Business case & roadmap

Customer insight, effectiveness and sustainability are the fundamental cornerstones of our approach. By redesigning and integrating the processes, the systems and the lines of business through phased realization, we help business leaders to drive change and smooth user adoption in the entire organization.

Vision and concept

With a creative approach in redefining business models, we deliver the technical architecture to help you get a clear view on how processes, information structure, systems and users will interact and to improve usability. Our consultants conceive concepts or challenge existing ones for feasibility and continuous improvement.

Technology landscape

Supported by comprehensive expertise in setting up digital platforms across industries, we are able to identify the right technologies to convert your existing ICT infrastructure in a scalable and seamlessly integrated ecosystem that transforms how your business works and allows for continual process improvement.

Information management audit

Understanding where your company is today is a key factor in determining how you should invest in the future. We conduct a detailed assessment of all your content-related processes to identify opportunities to streamline operations and eliminate inefficiencies or duplications.

End-to-end project lifecycle management

We help clients unlock the business value of the cutting-edge digital technologies, ensuring successful implementation from start to finish. Our experienced and talented team is committed to achieving full adoption by all users through performance management, testing, performance review and change management.

Partnership approach

We believe successful projects are the result of collaborative partnerships. Co-creation, commitment and engagement are core values that drive our organization. Our teams of developers, architects, consultants and project managers are our greatest strength, and their expertise is the key to successfully reaching clients’ goals.

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We leverage comprehensive know-how in enterprise information management, business process management and the latest technology to drive game-changing outcomes for our customers:

Gain a competitive advantage
Gain a competitive advantage

Achieve optimal positioning for your company to increase time to value while addressing market and industry challenges.

Streamline business processes with digital transformation
Streamline business processes

Optimize collaboration with workflow automation, optimal usability and real-time insights.

Make sound technical choices
Make sound technical choices

Shape your digital landscape for business agility and get a greater return on your technology investment.

Improve organizational efficiency and flexibility with digital technologies
Improve efficiency and flexibility

Agile approach that eliminates bottlenecks and identifies unprecedented opportunities for scale and efficiencies.


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