AMPLEXOR Digital Experience is all about creating positive connections in every interaction with your brand and helping you to engage with multiple audiences.

AMPLEXOR Collaboration & Compliance solutions guide organizations in adopting a digital approach enterprise-wide to ensure global operational excellence.

Combining expert services with best-in-class technology, it covers all the needs related to translation, localization and multiformat publishing.

A compliance-centric suite that enables life sciences companies to replace siloed tools with a single authoritative software product.


Enterprise Augmented Reality improves manufacturing efficiency

Learn how an all-in-one Augmented Reality solution is helping a global manufacturing company increase revenue through multiple business operations: Sales & Customer Engagement, Maintenance & Repair, Remote Assistance and Education & Training.


SPD achieves increased quality and cost savings with terminology management processes

Learn how AMPLEXOR’s terminology experts partnered with and evaluated SPD’s existing linguistic assets, addressed discrepancies between existing glossaries and final translations to deploy a comprehensive terminology program.


Dynamic case management transforms public services

A dynamic case management solution based on Documentum helped this governmental organization evolve to an agile way of working. Cases are now 100% digitally handled for faster resolution and high-quality, personalized public services.


Identifying Local Label Deviations and Ensuring Global and Local Compliance for Pharmaceutical Companies - Case Study

Download this case study to discover how a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company approached AMPLEXOR Life Sciences for help creating a solution to identify instances of non-compliance in local labeling and correct any discrepancies in order to achieve regulatory compliance in approximately 100 countries and 50 different language combinations.