Rikai: the future of translation management

07 August 2020

Amplexor has reason to celebrate a milestone!

The new translation portal Rikai streamlines the end-to-end translation and localization processes and unifies content interfaces and production platforms.

The new name, Rikai, has not been chosen randomly: It’s Japanese for “understanding” and it comprises the key concepts that Amplexor’s customers identify with the most: future, intelligence, expertise, diversity and knowledge. Just as new technologies become part of Amplexor’s approach, the “ai” (artificial intelligence) in the name is now an integral part of our global ecosystem.

Rikai is available in English, German or French for a truly global access and experience, with more languages in the coming soon. The intuitive interface allows customers to easily and quickly request, monitor, and receive orders.

With Rikai, Amplexor once more embraces the future. The portal allows us to cater to each customer according to their individual needs, addressing the vast diversity of enterprises, organizations, markets, audiences and languages. It’s the ideal platform for different teams to collaborate, exchange knowledge, and share expertise within an intelligent system.

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