EMA has updated Timeline for IDMP API Go-Live

08 November 2016

EMA has updated Timeline for IDMP API Go-Live

November 8, 2016

The API User Access Test (UAT)/go-live for the Referential Management System (RMS) and Organisation Management System (OMS) will be postponed from Q4 2016 to Q1 2017.

SPOR API Documentation

The first edition of the SPOR API documentation version 1.6 (API schemas, OMS & RMS message formats and HL7) is accessible for interested parties for a free download in the SPOR Wiki.

This version of the API specification covers both RMS and OMS. This has been taken through consultation during April to July 2016 and the feedback has been incorporated in the specification (consultation is now closed).

Please note that in the SPOR API specification, the services are set out in Section 6 and those that are OMS-specific are marked “O”, RMS-specific are marked “R”, and services shared by both RMS and OMS are marked as  “RO”.

The documents have been shared with the SPOR Task Force and UAT testers. They will be published alongside the reference material on the public website and on Confluence.

Reference materials

EMA is currently finalising a number of key documents as reference materials on SPOR. These will provide more detailed information on topics such as RMS operating model, OMS operating model, high level changes and an introduction to ISO IDMP.

EMA is planning to publish the first set of reference materials in the coming weeks on the EMA external website. A selection of these documents has been reviewed by NCA and Industry Change Liaisons and their suggestions have been incorporated.


To ask questions and provide feedback or suggestions for additional topics you would like to hear more about, please email the team at: SPOR-Change-Liaisons@ema.europa.eu

Source: IDMP1