David Gwyn to speak at DIA Labeling Conference 2020

9 April 2020

Scheduled for April 20-21, this year’s DIA's Global Labeling Conference will be presented in a virtual format, with speakers and attendees participating remotely.

David Gwyn, Amplexor’s Vice President Life Sciences Solutions – North America, will be taking part in the session “Connected Labeling is the Final Frontier in Content Management”, beginning at noon on 20 April .

This session will focus on end-to-end tracking of labeling submissions, a pharmacovigilance activity and a potential source of miscommunications and delays to product availability. Regardless of the progress life sciences companies have made in bringing their regulatory information under control, label management continues to overshadow these accomplishments. Too often labeling is disconnected from other systems, forcing heavy reliance on manual processes and checks. These in turn can cause delays and create an undesirable source of risk, especially across country borders.

Sharing his experience of more than 25 years in the Life Sciences industry, David will discuss some of the solutions across the pharmaceutical, biologics and device industries; what is implemented for governance and tracking, and where the pain points are for future improvements in tracking and labeling compliance. He will be joined by other industry luminaries, including Nya Feldthus from Eli Lilly and Shannon Leber from Johnson & Johnson, as he takes a deeper dive into labeling issues and potential remedies.


About DIA Global Labeling Conference

DIA’s Global Labeling Conference is designed for professionals in medical product labeling and related disciplines as they work to develop and manage clear and accurate labeling information for the safe and effective use of prescription drugs, biologics, and medical devices. The efforts of these professionals are key to providing essential information needed by providers, patients, and payers to make decisions about product access, prescription, and use. Influences such as digital technology, patient centricity, evolving product classes, and changing regulations require the use of informed, systematic approaches throughout the labeling cycle to ensure the development and availability of current, compliant information in all regions where products are marketed.

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David Gwyn

With more than 25 years of experience in the Life Sciences industry, David Gwyn is a seasoned executive with extensive experience delivering solutions to clients, with a particular focus in the areas of content management and collaboration. As a Vice President for AMPLEXOR Life Sciences, David’s main focus is aligning customer needs with the capabilities of the company’s Life Sciences Suite.

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