Amplexor’s Su Zhou and Shanghai offices have fully reopened

9 April 2020

Office life in China returning to normal

We are happy to announce that Amplexor’s Su Zhou and Shanghai offices have fully reopened as of 30 March. Slowly but steadily, office life in China is returning to normal.

Trista Tong, Regional HR BP, shared how the next phase of the pandemic looks like. “Employees are very happy to return. Most of them feel more productive and more focused working in the office. And it’s also nice to be able to chat with colleagues face to face again!

However, there are still a few challenges to overcome. Using public transportation still requires some safety measures and, at the office, everyone must measure their temperature before coming in. While at least one mask is issued per day to use during every interaction, face to face meetings are limited to three people and everyone must have lunch at their own desk.

Despite these restrictions, business is picking up. Janey He, Senior Service Manager in Su Zhou, is confident with the signs of recovery.  According to Janey, who worked remotely since 25 January, Chinese New Year, the Asian Language Production team’s productivity and capacity never stopped.

Fortunately, none of the team members got sick and, after working remotely for two months, everyone is very excited to return to the office. Our local HR team carefully prepared precaution measures before the office doors opened.

Happy to be back at the workplace, Janey adds “It’s safe here in the China Office! Being at the office allows us to discuss and respond more efficiently. Colleagues from different departments can collaborate better.”

Everyone is looking forward to life returning to normal.

Stay safe!

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