Amplexor supports Showpad users through seamless integration with AEM

31 August 2021

Amplexor has partnered with Showpad, a leader in the sales enablement platform industry, to create a more seamless experience for users of both Showpad and Adobe Experience Manager’s (AEM) Digital Assets Manager (DAM). The DAM is central to a multichannel strategy involving various platforms, all utilizing the same information.

In their search for a partner who could support this type of strategy, Showpad turned directly to Adobe, with whom Amplexor has a long-standing partnership. Adobe recommended Amplexor to help support the building and maintenance of a module that would connect the two platforms, creating the potential to save countless hours and resources for Showpad users.

This partnership allows users of both Showpad and DAM to integrate these platforms together using a custom connector designed and built by Amplexor. The connector helps Showpad users to:

  • Ensure consistency among various AEM assets, adding and deleting them – according to user action – on both AEM and Showpad platforms simultaneously
  • Sync information added on Showpad directly to AEM, and vice versa, for greater efficiency
  • Import out-of-the-box tag systems, creating a seamless transition to new platforms

To learn more about how this partnership could benefit your revenue enablement teams, reach out to us today.

"Showpad is the most flexible and complete revenue enablement platform in the market. This requires us to be tightly integrated with the larger sales and marketing tech ecosystem. We are excited to have found a trusted partner in Amplexor to help us deliver upon that promise. Amplexor is creating significant value for our customers by providing seamless integration between Showpad and the Adobe Experience Cloud."

Wim, VP Global Services & Partnerships

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