Smart Product Communication

Smarter product information to engage global audiences

Customer experience is overtaking price and product as the key brand differentiator for more than 80 percent of businesses.

The rules of the game have changed. Long are the days when accurate and timely technical content was all you needed to communicate your products and services effectively. In today’s global marketplaces, personalization and omnichannel connectivity are key for competitiveness, customer engagement, and brand awareness. 

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Whether you’re considering DITA or you've already adopted a structured approach for your product information, watch our webinar to discover how you can deliver personalized content experiences at scale.

Is your product reaching your global audiences?

At Amplexor we believe that content is at the core of every customer experience. We also understand the challenges that come with tailoring systems for seamless content creation, collaboration, translation and publishing.

By breaking content silos and automating content lifecycles, we help you to personalize and transform your interactions with consumers, suppliers, partners, installers and end-users, while increasing convenience and satisfaction levels. Whether it’s faster workflows, innovative formats, multilingual support or customer insights – we make it all possible.

Why Amplexor

Global market experience

Multilingual expertise

Global-team collaboration

Faster time-to-market

Regulatory compliance

Culturally relevant content

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Success story

Learn how an all-in-one Augmented Reality solution is helping a global manufacturing company increase revenue through multiple business operations: Sales & Customer Engagement, Maintenance & Repair, Remote Assistance and Education & Training.

Strategic content solutions for a consistent, omnichannel customer experience

Content Strategy & Consulting

When it comes to technical and product communication, Amplexor can cover your content lifecycle end-to-end, tailoring future-proof strategies to manage content efficiently and cost effectively.

  • Information architecture
  • Content audit
  • Technology landscape
  • Content governance
  • Content process design
  • Technology advisory

Innovative, User-Centric Global Content

Deploy your technical information to different audiences and touchpoints. From AR apps to rich media, through mobile apps and chat bots, we can help you automate content creation and translation.

  • AR & VR apps 
  • Video tutorials
  • Interactive brochures
  • Remote assistance
  • Mobile apps
  • 3D graphics
  • Websites 
  • Customer portals
  • Self-support
  • Online surveys
  • Chat bots
  • Live support

One-Stop Shop for Content Globalization

Resonate with each target audience through relevant content in their own language. We provide localized content in over 500 language combinations, including industry specific or business domains expertise.

  • Continuous translation
  • Website globalization
  • Software loc & testing
  • Terminology management
  • Multilingual SEO 
  • Machine translation

Intelligent Content Solutions

Cross-functional teams with a wide range of industry expertise to deliver the most complete set of end-to-end services for your technical communication.

  • Content authoring
  • Technical writing
  • 3D design & engineering
  • Process intelligence
  • Content management 
  • Digital archiving

Streamlined Collaboration and Knowledge Management

Amplexor can provide expert advice on collaborative virtual workspaces for content creation, structuring and approval for a visible track record of your content workflows.

  • Automated workflows
  • Single source of truth
  • Shared content sources
  • Revision tracking

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