Life Sciences Translation 

Unmatched expertise for worldwide medical and pharma communication

Amplexor has more than 30 years of experience providing language and global content services to the Life Sciences industry with an uncompromising commitment to quality. Partnering with medical device, pharmaceutical and biotech organizations, we provide the highest level of language services, unmatched expertise and industry knowledge. 

End-to-end language support for every phase of the product lifecycle - from pre-clinical to post-market.


Clinical Research Translations

From rigorous validation and testing to more than 50 therapeutic areas expertise, we deliver uncompromising quality for translations of Clinical Outcomes Assessments (COAs), ensuring both linguistic and conceptual equivalence. 

eLearning and Training

Our extensive experience ranges from simple PowerPoint to multimedia computer-based (CB) and instruction-led (IL) training. We not only localize your training materials, we optimize the structure and layout to make your localization efforts easy and streamlined.

Globalization Consulting

Our experienced consultants can recommend a path for a comprehensive end-to-end globalization strategy, after assessing pain points and challenges with your current globalization model.

Multilingual Marketing

Supported by medical marketing language experts, we ensure your message is adjusted to local culture while at the same time maintaining medical accuracy.

Software and Mobile App Localization

Software localization for medical devices and mobile applications, including: consumer applications, diagnostic software and specialized surgical applications. 

Website Localization

From digital strategy to website deployment, we can secure the success of your life sciences marketing operations worldwide. 

Translation Management Technology

Using both custom-built and industry-leading off-the-shelf technologies, we work with you to define implementation strategies and help you maximize quality and consistency.

Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Documents are formatted, designed and localized in any language using industry leading technologies (InDesign, FrameMaker, and auto publishing with XML).

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Customer service has always been a major element for all the work Amplexor does - including video localization - with its clients in life sciences and other industries.


Medical Device and pharmaceutical companies are now almost exclusively global in their outlook, taking their products all over the world.

Looking for a partner to support pharma and medical device product lifecycle and regulatory requirements?

Let us help with your product marketing efforts.