Regulatory Planning & Tracking

RIMExpert™ addresses regulatory planning, tracking and data management by managing the global roll out plans and automating the creation of regulatory applications, activities and medicinal products, RIMExpert™ reduces data entry needs, improving data quality and increasing global oversight and control.


Standardized Processes

Standardize regulatory planning, tracking and registration management processes


Strengthen collaboration between headquarter(s) and affiliates 

Single Workplace

Create one common place to work in all registration activities

Full Control

Control registration activities throughout the lifecycle of the product keeping abreast of timelines and status of commitments and agency questions


Synchronize efforts for maximum efficiency of enterprise regulatory resources


Having one access point to all activities, questions, commitments, correspondence and authorizations for every application

RIMExpert™ Features

  • Tracking registrations, content and other meta-information 
  • Interactive dashboards for actionable regulatory activities and registrations overview
  • Codifying and maintaining country specific requirements and regional regulatory knowledge 
  • Planning global and local regulatory activities (e.g. submissions, commitments, correspondence etc.)
  • Support for the IDMP target operating model

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