Professional Services

Highly-skilled experts ready to support with a full spectrum of service offering.

Implementation Services

Our highly trained technical and business consulting team serves customers through the planning, implementation and deployment of our solutions. 

  • Versatile delivery organization
  • Optimized implementation methodology 
  • Proven delivery framework
  • Global partner network
  • Validation accelerator package

Training Services

Connecting industry experience with deep solution knowledge we develop training programs tailored to your organization and team needs.
  • Standard or custom-tailored programs
  • Role-based training
  • Computer-based training
  • Online and in-person classes
  • Supporting materials 
  • Learning assessment

Integration Services

Our experienced team of integration specialists is equipped to overcome complex systems integration challenges, connecting with ERP, LMS, etc. When required, we also collaborate with specialized integration partners.

Integration Services are enabled and supported by:

  • Standard connectors to business line applications and collaboration platforms
  • Standard integration API

Migration Services

Our experienced and highly-skilled technical team is able to support our customers with migration of valuable legacy data and content without disruption. When required, we also collaborate with specialized migration partners.

Migration Services are enabled and backed up by:

  • Universal and flexible automation engine
  • Migration accelerators

Support Services

A global service-center to assist customers with 24/7 maintenance support, best practices and recommendations. 

  • 24/7 ITIL compliant service desk
  • Online knowledge base
  • System guidance and operational support 
  • Upgrade and feature recommendations and best practices
  • Flexible Service Level Agreements (SLA) adapted to customer needs

As Amplexor Life Sciences Suite is also available in cloud, we provide full scope of managed services to cloud customers including proactive day-to-day support, monitoring, and remediating intervention for the entire solution stack.

Among others, Managed Services include:

  • Infrastructure management
  • Platform management
  • Application management
  • Performance and security monitoring
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Automated backups 
  • Log file analysis
  • Disaster recovery

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