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The fourth industrial revolution is disrupting the traditional business models. Technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and robotics are not only changing the way manufacturers work but how they collaborate with partners, suppliers and customers.

While digital transformation is raising customer expectations, the manufacturing industry faces a growing pressure to constantly innovate and deliver new products at a faster pace, increase production and reduce costs, without compromising product quality. Moreover, manufacturers are subject to strict government regulations, which can differ from country to country, making compliance one of hardest challenges for companies competing in international markets.

For more than 30 years, we have been supporting manufacturing industries to structure and manage content more efficiently, while delivering better user experiences across their complex, dispersed supply chain. Today, our expertise outspreads to the whole manufacturing chain, ensuring an end-to-end approach towards the maximization of productivity, efficiency and operational excellence.


Tailored solutions to adjust to the rapid shifts in demand in the competitive global manufacturing market.

Plant Information Management

Centralize all your plant’s related documentation and data, from planning to decommission, ensuring compliance, safety and first-rate performance.

Technical Communication Suite

Align the quality of your communications with the excellence of your products, making sure it’s timely and is fine tuned to end-users’ preferred channels and formats.

Digital Experience

Create positive connections in every interaction with your brand, from initial searches to after-sales support, we ensure smooth multichannel experiences 24/7.


Your hands-on partner for service excellence in the digital world.

Enterprise AR Solutions

A new world of experiences for customers and end users.

Technical Translations

Accurate, timely and precise technical and product information in any language.

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