Thursday Webinar Series

Ways to Ignite your Digital Strategy

28 May - 25 June 2020

Webinar series hosted in German

Curious to learn helpful hints and best practices to engage your global audiences, leveraging digital transformation, relevant content and international SEO?

The Digital Age is upon us and as such, companies worldwide are forced to find creative ways to engage their customers and continue doing business digitally. Now more than ever, we see how important digital transformation and global content strategies are – both for global brand awareness and sustainable growth.

Join our Thursday Webinar Series, hosted in German from 28 May to 25 June, to discover new ways to ignite your digital strategy!





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Why Attend?

In this series you’ll get to explore:

  • How to embrace digital transformation in your business
  • Leveraging your digital content strategy to drive business
  • Best practices for your International SEO strategy
  • Tips to structure your website for global success
  • How to make content resonate in new markets
  • How to be relevant in different languages and cultures


Check out our agenda for our webinar series in German: Ways to Ignite your Digital Strategy

  • 28 May
    Digital Transformation: Content is now key!
    Save your seat to learn and take advantage from Manuel Stöckl’s long standing experience in the localization industry to find out how digital transformation and the right content strategies can drive business success
  • 4 June
    International SEO: so you can be found around the world Secure your place now to discover with Marie-Laure Vinckx how a well-designed international SEO strategy can promote your online visibility for your global success!
  • 18 June
    Success factor: Content - How to find the right tone, always and everywhere.
    Secure your place now and learn based on practical examples how you can adapt your message to local markets and promote customer loyalty with the right content.
  • 25 June
    Interview with an Expert
    Save your seat to learn tips and tricks about digital transformation and how to resonate with global audiences.