Retail Restart

Bite-sized lessons on global retail best practices 

October – December 2020 


Be on the look-out for the new global retail best practices. Just focus a few minutes each week, and unexpected new areas will open up for you, your products and your audience.  

Lesson 1

Welcome to the brave new world of retail

Lesson 2

Personalization, made by data

Lesson 3

Make your website go local, not lost – everywhere

Lesson 4

Market research and analysis – the holistic way

Lesson 5

Let your customers lead the way

Lesson 6

Online convenience, with brick-and-mortar experience

Lesson 7

BOPIS, ROPIS and BORIS: your store’s best friends

Lesson 8

Goodbye is not the end

Lesson 9

Influencer marketing is not for you? Think again!


Augmented Reality – and the future’s charm

After 2020: 10 Lessons for the Retail Industry

Yes, retail does see itself in just another turmoil. Whereas digitalization had been on the plate for a long time, the appetite was unstable – often due to a lack of clear vision and strategy. But in 2020, the world went fully digital in a surprise attack, ready or not. And the biggest lesson learned was one many retailers are still not well prepared for: in a digitalized business, personalization takes it all.