Retail Restart

It's a new era of retail – here's everything you need to know now!

Retail Restart - the ebook

Download your comprehensive guide for a successful retail restart! This ebook provides all the insights you need, for the industry's future that has already begun.


Do you know which tools will get your retail business going now? Find it out! We handcrafted these 10 quiz questions for you – and your business will win for sure!


These lessons help you dig deeper and truly understand retail's future. Just focus a few minutes for each lesson – for your business to not only survive, but thrive!


Lesson 1

Welcome to the brave new world of retail

Lesson 2

Personalization, made by data

Lesson 3

Make your website go local, not lost – everywhere

Lesson 4

Market research and analysis – the holistic way

Lesson 5

Let your customers lead the way

Lesson 6

Online convenience, with brick-and-mortar experience

Lesson 7

BOPIS, ROPIS and BORIS: your store’s best friends

Lesson 8

Goodbye is not the end

Lesson 9

Influencer marketing is not for you? Think again!


Augmented Reality – and the future’s charm

2021 and beyond: 10 Lessons for the Retail Industry

Yes, retail does see itself in just another turmoil. Whereas digitalization had been on the plate for a long time, the appetite was unstable – often due to a lack of clear vision and strategy. But in 2020, the world went fully digital in a surprise attack, ready or not. And the biggest lesson learned was one many retailers are still not well prepared for: in a digitalized business, personalization takes it all.