Nordic TechKomm 2016

24 May 2016

A great opportunity to discuss technical communication trends and topics with experts from all around Europe.

Join us at Nordic TechKomm 2016 to meet technical communication experts from across Europe.

“Intelligent Information” is the topic for this year’s conference, discussed over a wide range of presentations and workshops.

Amplexor will join the discussion with Andreas Ljungström’s presentation “Time for spring cleaning? A tool-based approach to terminology consolidation and validation”. This presentation will be complemented by a live demo showcasing the unique Amplexor TermConsolidator – an expert tool developed to harmonize inconsistencies across various terminology assets.


Time for spring cleaning? A tool-based approach to terminology consolidation and validation

Today the importance to collect, maintain and disseminate valid terminology within teams and organizations is undisputed. It is widely accepted that valid terminology is a core requirement for documentation processes and needs to be accessible to e.g. content creators, translators and revisers. But terminology assets are easy to pollute and can grow uncontrollably over time.

This presentation shows how heterogeneously structured term assets from different origins can be harmonized and freed from redundant or conflicting material using term expert tools prior to publication to a wider audience.

This talk will take place on 24 May at 15:45 CEST.

The speaker

Andreas Ljungström is a Language Technologies Consultant and Certified CAT trainer at Amplexor. His main areas of focus are consultancy and professional services aimed at streamlining and automating terminology and CAT processes on both customer and LSP side.

Live Demo

Amplexor TermConsolidator– cutting edge technology for making the most out of your terminology asset

Amplexor TermConsolidator is a one-of-a-kind expert tool for consolidation of terminology scattered in diverse files and formats. It automatically detects and reports inconsistencies between entries across all term assets, enabling the terminologist to estimate necessary clean-up effort upfront and on exact number of entries. Its functionality is rounded off with automated conflict resolution, powerful filtering and search options and a comfortable, collaborative working environment.

The live demo will take place on 25 May at 9:00 CEST.


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