Marketing & Communication in Teams: Best Practices, Tips & Tricks

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In less than a year, Microsoft Teams jumped from 20 million to 115 million daily users. For many of us it has become the standard for daily teamwork and collaboration.

Employees in Marketing & Communication are no exception to this.

Whether they're streamlining internal communication, executing marketing projects with external agencies, managing digital assets or organizing events, MS Teams will always be a great option for efficient collaboration. 

Join Tom Laureys to discover a number of best practices for organizing your daily marketing and communication activities in MS Teams. We'll explain why certain ways for structuring your information work better than others, how you can securely collaborate with externals and which of those tons of features are the most useful for your marketing and communications team.

Why attend?

In this session you will learn about:

  1. Configuring MS Teams to optimally manage Marketing & Communications work.
  2. Bringing your internal communication and intranet to MS Teams. 
  3. Keeping a good overview over the full set of marketing activities in your organization.
  4. Managing digital assets in a smarter way.
  5. Collaborating securely with external users in your marketing projects.

Meet the Speakers

Tom Laureys

Solution Director ECM, Amplexor

Tom Laureys is Solution Director ECM at Amplexor based in Belgium. For the past 10 years, Tom has been helping clients across industries find the right technology to effectively digitize their business processes and improve collaboration and productivity. His combination of strategic thinking and expertise in a range of platforms - from Alfresco and Documentum to SharePoint and Office 365 – grant him the capacity to capture new trends on the market and turn them into solutions for our customers.