Microsoft 365: How to successfully migrate your content

Tuesday, 16 March 2021 | Online

Whether you've been using Microsoft 365 for many years or have just introduced Teams into your organization, migration will sooner or later cross your path. 

Best practices to keep in mind and essential tools to be aware of so you can ensure a smooth migration.

Sometimes migration is moving file share content to Microsoft 365, in other cases it is about bringing mailboxes to the cloud or consolidating existing content from Google Drive, Dropbox or an on-premise SharePoint server to MS Teams and OneDrive.

Whatever the reason for migrating content to Microsoft 365, there's a number of pitfalls to avoid.

Join Roché Mahomedradja to discover our experience with migrating to Microsoft 365 from multiple source platforms. We'll provide you with a core 3-step procedure, will give tips & tricks for each of these steps and will show you how software tools are essential to ensure both efficiency and quality.

Why attend?

Join us to discover:

  • Why organizations are more and more consolidating on Microsoft 365
  • The typical pitfalls of migrating content to Microsoft 365
  • A proven 3-step procedure for successful migration
  • The power of AvePoint Fly as a migration tool for files, email and other content

Meet the Speakers

Roché Mahomedradja

Solution Engineer, AvePoint Benelux

Roché Mahomedradja is a seasoned Solutions Engineer at AvePoint. He is Microsoft certified and experienced in the SharePoint and M365 Space, where he has helped many customers across Europe to address their challenges. Some of these challenges are typically around migration, integration, data protection and governance topics.


Microsoft 365: How to successfully migrate your content

Tuesday, 16 March - 14:00 CET

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