On-demand Webinar

Global Labeling Management Trends & Evolutions


Catch the latest updates on Digitalization in Labeling Management, from the opportunities to the possible improvements.

Over the past year, the global pandemic has significantly accentuated the need and importance of digitalization in the life sciences industry. Labeling Management is a highly global, complex and interconnected responsibility, which involves an array of different processes. This entails operating within an ecosystem of distributed data, processes, systems and people all while navigating the balance between global, regional and local demands, as well as respecting the constant flow of regulations involved.

Labeling Management holds immense potential in the value chain for developing and facilitating digitalization, and this webinar is designed to help you understand where to begin.

Why attend?

In this webinar we’ll discuss:

  • Global Labeling Management data, processes and technology ecosystems
  • Solution and automation enablers
  • Ways in which to increase Labeling efficiency
  • Current trends and data-driven initiative concerning Labeling

Meet the Speakers

Agnes Cwienczek

Head of Product Management and Consulting, Amplexor Life Sciences

Agnes’ main responsibilities are the provision of business and compliance requirements for the Amplexor Life Sciences Suite, the supervision of the Life Sciences Consultants and the delivery of process and data management expertise to Amplexor clients in Regulatory Information Management, including Document Management, Submission Management and Labeling Management.