Dublin Tech Summit

14 October 2020 | Online

Catch the latest content and technology trends and how they can support your scale-up, or future-proof your existing business for ongoing success.  

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Amplexor, sponsor of the Dublin Tech Summit, is delighted to announce a panel discussion entitled Global Content Impact – Removing Language, Cultural and Technical Barriers to Accelerate Revenue Growth . Grainne Maycock, VP Sales at Amplexor, will outline some of the common challenges and solutions faced by select Amplexor clients in the realm of global content strategy. This panel will shed light on how to engage customers and increase sales across EMEA, LATAM and APAC regions, and how to build a global growth strategy and with a focus on content, leveraging Amplexor’s extensive experience in this area. in The panel discussion will include global marketing efforts and campaigns, localization and website-related endeavours.

Dublin Tech Summit will feature well-respected experts, and will allow you to gain and share knowledge regarding how to accelerate growth globally. You’ll be presented with trending methodologies concerning the correlation between content and increased revenue. Additionally, you’ll learn more about how to improve and stay relevant in the portrayal of your brand and your global target audience.  

Grainne Maycock

VP Sales, Amplexor

Gráinne Maycock has worked with many of the world's largest organizations across the IT, Life Science, Online Consumer, Customer eXperience Management, Manufacturing and Marketing verticals helping them create and implement programs to optimize global content release and increase global market share and revenue through effective multilingual content release programs. Currently VP of sales at Amplexor international.

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