DTT Symposium 2020

19 March 2020

AI in translation - the knockout for humans?

Practical experience with neural machine applications


Machine Translation has divided opinions since it started being implemented and it was said to be the decline of human translators. With advancements in AI, MT’s quality has been increasing, however it still lacks the cultural understanding and communicative ability that only a professional translator can achieve.

So what can MT gain from AI? And how is it affecting the role of human translators? Join us to uncover how MT and professional translators can benefit from each other’s help, through a report on the use of MT by Amplexor!

Meet the speaker


Karina Martínez Ferber is Solution Manager Global Content Suite at Amplexor in Berlin. Since 2011, Karina has been focusing on process management and language technologies. Her expertise has been globally recognized, through industry events, where she has shared her knowledge on Machine Translation.

Who should attend

The DTT Symposium is designed for terminology professionals, translators and technical editors. The event also gathers specialists focused on the definitions organization and naming of information from their area of expertise.


More information and registration

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