30 June 2017

UPMC - Paris 5th arrondissement

Amplexor is official partner of Drupagora in Paris and our Drupal Consultant, Françoise Basset, is hosting the conference Drupal, the SUV of CMS.

Amplexor is official partner of the Drupagora, a professional event dedicated to the web content management solution (CMS) Drupal.

Drupagora 2017 will be held in Paris on Friday 30 June and is intended primarily to project managers, web developers and IT managers.

Drupagora brings together the different players in the Drupal community and provides a full day of learning and knowledge sharing opportunities to over 350 participants through a variety of conferences and workshops.

Françoise Basset, Business Consultant and Drupal Expert at Amplexor, will be presenting the Drupal solution in a conference titled Drupal, the SUV of CMS, focusing on Drupal 8's strengths and benefits. Project managers, decision-makers and contributors can thus unleash the power of Drupal, its qualities to improve customer experience and to build personalized, informative and authentic communications. All of what makes Drupal resolutely become an off-road CMS.


Presentation by Françoise Basset, Business Consultant and Drupal Expert

Amphitheatre 25

As with a vehicle, when you choose a CMS, you want it to adapt to all situations, facilitate your everyday interactions and convey the best image of you - in this case, your company and your brand with your target audiences. Do you know that there is a SUV solution among CMS?

Decision makers, contributors and project managers discover Drupal and it's new version 8 features make it an off-road CMS.

Françoise will cover all your questions:
- How is Drupal positioned in relation to other CMS?
- What are its advantages for end users as well as for developers or content contributors and marketers?
- What benefits does Drupal 8 offer for improving customer experience?
- How can Drupal build personalized, informative and authentic communications?

Françoise Basset
 has over 20 years of experience in Content Management, from editorial IT to digital experience management, through document management and collaborative systems. As Business Consultant specializing in Drupal and in Digital Marketing, she assists organizations to define their digital strategy, improve their customer experience, add value and personalize their content, and deploy localized and multilingual websites. She leads clients towards the best way to reach the goal and provide with high-value solutions to address their business challenges. 


Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC)
4 place Jussieu
75005 Paris