Cheers to 20 Years!

Celebrating Two Decades of Belgian Excellence

Cheers to 20 Years!

Celebrating Two Decades of Belgian Excellence

Our Story

Our Story starts in February 2001, when 5 young entrepreneurs got together to build a small startup. 20 years later, there are 2,000 of us celebrating!

Amplexor started as a small Belgian company, with a focus on Content Management systems and through the years we have established our expertise in the Digital Experience and Enterprise Content areas. To achieve this, we have always worked closely together with trusted partners such as Adobe, Microsoft, OpenText and other renowned names.

In 2014, Amplexor NV was acquired by euroscript, which ended up taking the Amplexor name when rebranding the group worldwide, growing the brand to a global scale of 2,000 employees.

We are very proud of the path we’ve built along these 20 years! It has given us the opportunity to grow and connect with other companies and partners outside Belgian borders.

With our employees, partners and clients, we have established a network of hundreds of people, who have been a part of our journey. They have seen us grow through the years, taking part in our events, celebrating achievements and working on exciting projects.

“I have always been proud of how we grew together with our customers. We, and our customers, always aimed a little higher than our last project, which gave us a new challenge and the opportunity to learn and grow. The team also loved this and had the enthusiasm (“goesting”) to tackle the challenges”

Eric Pieters
Former CEO - Amplexor Belgium

The Amplexor Belgium Family

We can’t forget that our expertise and success come from our employees. So, when we celebrate Amplexor, we celebrate them.

For the past 20 years we have worked daily to create a space where everyone feels valued and celebrated. This is why finding the right place for everyone is so important for us. We strive to find a balance among everyone’s skills to ensure we have highly collaborative teams.

More than working together, we’ve formed a bond with each other that allowed us to bring home the Great Place to Work award. On the basis of respect and trust, our team has formed relationships beyond professional, which is why we have so much fun!

From concerts, to parties, yoga, cocktails, marathons and our dear foosball table, we have an environment of people that never leaves us with a dull day at work.

“It’s difficult to explain what it means exactly but it’s something which can be seen in the fact that people often trust us. The relationships between colleagues are deeply human, and people respect each other. It’s not unusual that Amplexor colleagues use the word ‘family’ when referring to their group of working colleagues.”

Damien Dewitte

“I expected it would be a bit difficult to start at a company in covid lockdown times. However, with Amplexor this was not the case at all. What I appreciated most was all the effort that my colleagues took to ensure I had a warm welcome during my first few months. Every week I had and still have a chat with my team coach and every week there was an online activity planned to meet and get to know different colleagues. To me, Amplexor clearly has a culture that supports the success of an early employee experience.”

Fabian De Lescluze

What's Next?

After 20 years of success and victories, where do we go from here?

Our goal is to continue servicing a wide variety of national and international companies with our team of specialists in the area of mission critical digital experience and content solutions. We want to keep helping our customers from ideation, to design, and finally, building, as we maintain the long-lasting relationship in running the solution we have implemented. With Acolad by our side, new opportunities are on the horizon and we are excited to work on joint initiatives and possibilities.

Thank you for being a part of our 20 years of history, here’s to many more to come.

“We are a technology company at heart, motivated to accelerate our customer’s digital growth. Sharing our expertise, and a commitment to collaborate closely with our customers will always be building blocks of the Amplexor DNA. We will continue to design and build better platforms, better solutions, better digital products to help our customers navigate through their business challenges and provide the best experience to their users.“

Sylvie Versteylen

Memory Lane



One of our founders took a trip down memory lane and was surprised by someone who helped create Amplexor!


A Few Words From Our Clients & Partners

“I can say that the people at Amplexor make the difference” – Euroclear

“In recent years, KBC has taken important steps in digital marketing with Amplexor as our partner. Their expertise in Adobe solutions, with their important focus on document & content management, gave KBC the necessary support to realize our ambitions. Amplexor has a high level of creativity on board and is always willing to help find solutions tailored to KBC's needs.”

Bart De Rauw
General Manager Channels & C25 - KBC 

“Thanks to a previous positive experience at a previous employer, Unilin, it seemed obvious to me to also choose Amplexor at Van Marcke for our new intranet project.  The experience today shows us that it was right to call again on the team's years of experience.”

Stijn Hoegaerts
IT Director – Van Marcke

“Thanks to your expertise, your empathy with our company and our needs, we have achieved a lot together, especially in the intranet field. On to the next anniversary! We like to celebrate with you!”

Kurt & Annick
Internal Communication – Belfius

“Having worked with Amplexor for 10 years now, I can say that the people at Amplexor make the difference. Apart from their respective digital and technical skills, they share a drive and dedication to make things work for you as a client. They go the extra mile to reflect together with you, anticipate what you may overlook and deliver.”

Dominiek Braet
Head of client communication and Digital channels - Euroclear

Thank you

We want to take this time to say thank you to the people who have helped us during these 20 years