Webinar Series

Amplexor Life Sciences Suite: Achieving global data, content and process harmonization

16 September 2020 | 6:00 a.m MDT / 14:00 CET

Learn how Amplexor’s product offerings can help your enterprise maintain compliance in a quick and efficient way, all whilst helping you improve your decision making processes.  


Amplexor is looking forward to hosting this webinar, part of the larger Life Sciences Suite series. In aims of keeping our customers up-to-date with our latest product solutions, we are proud to announce our upcoming session that will encompass a range of a unique suite of solutions. 

Achieving compliance to ensure maximized benefits in the Life Sciences sector is crucial. Our webinar presenter will focus on best practices regarding how to support the drug product lifecycle through content management, by prioritizing both quality and efficiency. 

Meet the Speaker

Renato Rjavec

 Director of Products, Life Sciences, Amplexor

As Director of Products, Renato is responsible for Amplexor’s Life Sciences Product Management. He has thirteen years of experience in analyzing, designing and implementing end-to-end regulatory solutions for the Life Sciences industry. In his first nine years at Amplexor, Renato managed several implementations of integral regulatory and quality management solutions for global pharmaceutical companies as well as health authorities. Over the past four years, Renato established the Product Management organization that focuses on innovation, compliance, and quality of its product portfolio. Renato has a bachelor’s degree in Computer and Information Science from Ljubljana University.


Achieving global data, content and process harmonization

16 September 2020 | 6:00 a.m. MDT/14.00 CET 

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