AI and the Global Customer Experience: A Digital Revolution in Life Sciences

15 December 2020 | Online

Catch the latest updates on digital transformation in the healthcare world, from developments in AI to improved customer experience worldwide.

The life sciences industry, like many others, has accelerated digital transformation as a result of the global pandemic, among other factors. Creating a digital revolution in healthcare, AI and other technological advancements are changing the customer experience globally – impacting patient treatments and outcomes. Thanks to the explosion of wearable and smart health devices, patients are more connected and have more data than ever before, right at their fingertips. It’s an exciting time in the industry, but certainly presents a new level of challenges.

What types of AI do device manufacturers need to adopt? How do you embrace the change management within your organization? What does this mean in terms of regulatory requirements and the patient outcomes? And how do you manage integrating AI globally, while staying compliant to local regulations?

Join Amplexor for a lively discussion with our panel of experts, Ann Cramer, Director of Digital Product Delivery and Operations at LifeScan; Ilyssa Levins, Regulatory Process Advisor for Digital Health; and Anand Iyer, Chief Strategy Officer at Welldoc as we dig into this topic! We’ll glean crucial knowledge from three key perspectives in the thick of digital transformation in life sciences.

Why attend?

In this webinar, you'll learn about:

  • Thinking proactively and globally from the start

  • Aligning internal and external partners

  • Challenges and considerations from the developer, customer and regulatory perspectives 


Devicetalk webinar

15 December | 4 p.m. EST

Meet the Speakers

Ann Cramer

 Director of Digital Product Delivery and Operations, LifeScan

Ann Cramer is Director of Digital Product Delivery and Operations at LifeScan, a global leader in glucose monitoring and diabetes management. She is a results-driven leader with over 20 years of experience leading technology teams, providing custom proprietary and commercial solutions. Ms. Cramer has over 10 years of experience in regulated software development and has a passion for technological innovation and creating solutions that are engaging and support improvement of patient outcomes. Outside the office, Ms. Cramer keeps busy with her 4 children and 2 dogs. When possible, she loves entertaining her close friends and travel with her family.

Ilyssa Levins

CCC President/Founder, Healthcare Regulatory Compliance Specialist with Commercial/Marketing Savvy

Ilyssa Levins founded the Center for Communication Compliance (CCC) to help pharmaceutical and medical device companies save time and money, while managing risk. A 35+ year industry veteran, Ilyssa understands how to achieve both business and regulatory objectives, and align compliance and marketing stakeholders. An award-winning futurist, and published author, Ilyssa is on the cutting edge of applying artificial intelligence and natural language processing to manage the explosion of content that requires rapid review and approval to support the commercial’s strategy of customer centricity.   Ilyssa was named one of the industry's 100 Inspiring People by PharmaVoice Magazine.

Anand K. Iyer

PhD, MBA, Chief Strategy Officer, Welldoc  

Anand Iyer is a respected global digital health leader—most known for his insights on and experience with technology, strategy and regulatory policy. Anand has been instrumental in Welldoc’s success and the development of BlueStar®, the first FDA-cleared mobile prescription therapy for adults with type 2 diabetes. Since joining Welldoc in 2008, he has held core leadership positions that included Chief Data Science Officer, President and Chief Operations Officer. In 2013, Anand was named “Maryland Healthcare Innovator of the Year” in the field of mobile health. As a founding member of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance in November 2017, Anand works closely with the board to engage industry leaders on the integration of clinically-validated digital therapeutics to improve population health.

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