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Breaking the silos: Digital transformation in the energy industry

The digital revolution is here. With the sector going through accelerated changes, energy and utilities companies need to stay on the forefront to capitalize on the emerging opportunities towards better services, performance and business results.

Amplexor Energy & Engineering Solutions combine a tailored portfolio to help utilities companies to be more agile and transform themselves towards operational excellence and global compliance.

We design, implement and run intelligent content solutions to support energy and utilities companies along the power-industry value chain. Thanks to our innovative technology and a global network of multidisciplinary experts, we can help you rethink your strategic approach and improve efficiency while optimizing interactions with your customers and suppliers.

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Featured Solutions for Energy & Utilities

Our scalable solutions are designed to guide utilities and energy companies towards utmost productivity, reliability and efficiency

Consulting Services

A full range of engineering documentation consulting services for the energy sector, with a successful track record of international projects and multidisciplinary expertise.

  • Information workflow architecture
  • Process design and optimization
  • Technology recommendation
  • Project lifecycle management
  • Performance and compliance assessments

Content Management

Scalable solutions for document and asset management throughout the industrial lifecycle, optimizing collaboration between engineers, managers and contractors.

  • Engineering information management 
  • Automation and tracking tools
  • Archiving and digitization
  • Control plan and audits
  • ECM training services

Digital Experience

Tailored digital platforms to create consistent multichannel experiences in every interaction across your website and business touchpoints.

  • Multilingual and multi-device websites 
  • Intranets and digital workplaces 
  • Aerospace Viewers
  • Business intelligence 
  • Marketing analytics 
  • Scalable AR/VR applications

Language Services

Multilingual communication solutions for the energy and utilities sector expertly delivered in more than 500 language combinations.

  • Translation and interpretation services
  • Website and software localization 
  • E-learning localization
  • Quality assurance and linguistic revision
  • Multilingual content creation

Technical Communication

An efficient solution to produce high-quality content for manuals, instructions, catalogues, Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) applications, marketing campaigns and more.

  • Content authoring and revision tools
  • Multiformat publishing (including AR/VR apps)
  • Centralized knowledge platform
  • 3D design and engineering
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements

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