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In today’s digital landscape, the internationalization of websites, mobile apps and other software products is critical to successful global business strategies.

However, there are numerous intricacies involved in internationalizing and localizing in the digital sphere. Add in the need for large-scale content management and perpetual updates with new features or fixes, and it can all get quite challenging.

The good news? We’re here to help you crack the code for smooth-running software globalization.

Did you know...?

IOS top downloads are from non-English speaking countries

Google Play revenues come from non-English speaking countries

users choose a native language when available

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End-to-end content globalization specialists at your service

At Amplexor, we believe a “global first” approach is crucial for successful international product launches. We also understand the complexity of all the variables when adapting digital products to ensure exposure, visibility and usability in new locales.

Whether it’s mobile apps, ecommerce sites, intranet portals or global business platforms, we can get it up and running – for every market, on schedule and within budget.

Market-ready software for users worldwide

Amplexor’s holistic approach can be applied to enterprise-level global product launches or to single language mobile applications.

End-to-end globalization expertise

We advise on all aspects of software globalization, including internationalization readiness analysis, pseudolocalization and testing strategy. 

Why Amplexor

Software globalization consultancy

Technical project management

Linguistic and cultural expertise

Test cycle management

“Always-on” expert support

State-of-the-art testing facility

"Having a globalization strategy ensures your digital interfaces will function across operating systems, browsers, channels and devices, delivering an optimal user experience to each target audience."

– Debora Davila, Software Globalization Expert, Amplexor

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