Rich Media Localization

Did you know audiences exposed to rich media content are three times more likely to engage with a brand?

As modern consumers are bombarded with over 5,000 marketing messages a day, creative and engaging content that enriches user experiences has become a vital part of any global marketing strategy.

And when it comes to reaching new markets or collaborating with teams around the globe, culturally adapted rich media resources is what puts you at an advantage. 

The good news? We’re here to help you scale your brand across continents.

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Engaging global audiences with interactive media

True artists create compelling multimedia content, but only masters of localization can do justice to the cultural adaptation of your carefully crafted assets.

That’s why at Amplexor we believe in a strategic partnership to create, manage and adapt your rich media content for global audiences.

We also understand the challenges of competing in today’s cluttered digital space and immersing audiences through modern devices. 

Whether it’s globalization expertise, a creative mindset, multichannel delivery, content automation or all of the above – we can hit the mark!

Why Amplexor

Globalization consultancy

Rich media expertise

Workflow automation

End-to-end approach

Global Branding | Multimedia Production | Voice-Over | Transcriptions | Script Localization | Video Editing | AR/VR Apps | Arts & Graphics | Animation | Dubbing and Subtitling

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Success Story

Find out how Swiss Precision Diagnostics, the company behind the leading pregnancy and ovulation test brand Clearblue®, deploys video content across its global marketing programs.


Learn more about what your options are when it comes to audiovisual localization and how to get started.

Success story

Learn how a scalable AR foundation is helping a global manufacturing company increase revenue through multiple business operations.

A strategic partner for multimedia localization

Centralized content strategy

Expert assistance on content best practices, including resource planning, process workflows, and technologies, while aligning with your budgets and objectives.

Global partner network

With an international network of creative specialists, we can collaborate with your team or agency to create and maintain a reputable and trustworthy brand, continent to continent.

Workflow automation – creation to localization

Do you require a fast, fully automated workflow? We can do it! With custom workflow automation, you can go from creative concept to global deployment quickly and efficiently.

Multichannel delivery

We can tailor small or large-scale multimedia projects in any language or format, always maintaining the integrity of your global brand’s messaging and style.

Multifaceted compatibility

A deep understanding of various authoring tools, multimedia formats and technology integration allows us to work and deliver in your preferred environment.

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