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Interpreting is a delicate exercise in which there is no room for error: an interpreter must be absolutely fluent in their languages, have a perfect understanding of the topic at hand as well as excellent communication skills, and be extremely focused and highly accurate. 

The good news? With its extensive international network of specialized interpreters, Amplexor can meet all your interpreting needs. Our dedicated teams provide customized solutions, whether you're holding a casual or formal event.


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Remote interpreting

Do you need to digitalize a multilingual meeting or conference? 

Amplexor provides state-of-the-art technologies to help you to communicate easily with stakeholders all over the world providing remote interpreting solutions for your online meetings, a cost-effective alternative to on-site interpreting.

Why choose remote interpreting?

With the Amplexor Interpret Manager solution, benefit from quick reaction times thanks to the instant availability of a specialized remote interpreter. Whether you need to speak with foreign clients or subsidiaries, in a two-way conversation or in small groups, our interpreters will ensure that all of your phone or video calls run smoothly.

Legal Translation Services

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Simultaneous interpreting

At conferences or similar large-scale events that bring together many people of different nationalities, the message conveyed must be understood by all the attendees. Simultaneous interpreting involves the synchronous retransmission by the interpreter of the words of the speaker in a given language, as they are spoken and without interruption. The interpreter, who sits in a soundproof cabin, wears a headset and translates the speech into a microphone. The interpreter's words are transmitted to the listeners via their receiving headsets.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting involves the interpreter retransmitting the speaker's words to the audience in a given language, often with the aid of notes, once the speaker has finished speaking. This technique, which is more time-consuming than simultaneous interpreting, is generally used for smaller meetings (symposiums, seminars, negotiations, press conferences, etc.).

Whispered interpreting and liaison interpreting

The perfect interpreting services are perfectly adapted for your more informal events or select committee meetings

Whispering is a type of simultaneous interpreting in which the interpreter retransmits the speaker's words in a given language in a very low voice (whispering), directly into the ear of the listener. It is particularly suitable for bilateral discussions.

Liaison interpreting involves retransmitting the speaker’s words phrase by phrase (or based on a question/answer model). This type of interpreting is used especially during trade talks, business trips or dinners, professional meetings, trade fairs, etc.

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