Content Connectivity

80% of enterprise knowledge is spread across scattered sources

Are you getting the best value out of your organization’s content?

In today’s global content landscape, information lives in different systems and repositories - cloud applications, legacy ECM systems, WCM, collaboration tools, PIM and DAM.

Handling content across systems that don’t necessarily play well together is not just time consuming and tedious, but it’s also error-prone, particularly when multiple languages are involved. Breaking the bottlenecks of human intervention and content silos is key to accelerate time to market and reduce management overhead.

The solution? Content connectivity.

Content continuity and seamless integration

At Amplexor, we believe it takes a strategic approach, focusing on process and technology, to scale up your online content and remain competitive in today’s global marketplace. 

We also understand the challenges that come with preparing a website for translation and managing all that multilingual content.  

Whether you require automation, faster time to market, high-quality translations, simplified content workflows, cost savings or a bit of everything – we make it possible.

Why Amplexor

Integration expertise

Consulting and guidance

Feature-rich technology

End-to-end approach

In partnership with Xillio

All your content, one powerful hub

Connectivity is no longer a challenge. Together with our premier partner Xillio, Amplexor offers one centralized hub that seamlessly connects your content to multiple systems, paving the way for efficient content transformation, consolidation and intelligence.

Combined, our connectivity workflow focuses on content automation and extensibility to ensure an effortless global user experience and adoption, without disrupting existing workflows and legacy systems.

System integration | Data import/export | Translation automation | Content intelligence | Automated workflows | Curation & governance | Analytics & reports

Off the shelf and bespoke connectors

Amplexor offers a suite of connectors and integrations with the most popular content repositories.

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