Aerospace Documentation Solution for FlightOps

Documentation tailored to the needs of aircraft and engines manufacturers

Combining software modules and expert professional services, Amplexor Flight Operations Documentation solution optimizes the production and distribution of aircrafts maintenance related information. Enabling systematized document and data distribution, it reduces the risk for human mistake within Aerospace and Defense information flows and processes.

Amplexor Flight Operations Documentation solution

Tailored to the needs of aircraft and engines manufacturers, as well as airlines and air operators.

For Aircraft and Engine Manufacturers

Producing, managing and publishing FlightOps manuals (AFM, FCOM, WBM, MMEL, QRH,…) on all platforms including tablet and EFB.

For Airlines and Air operators

Merging document updates from the manufacturer into manuals completed by the airlines and delivering outputs adjustable to different devices: paper, intranet, internet, EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) on board, tablets.


Documentation needed for flight operations can be easily and safely accessed from different devices, personalized to each user and with the following additional features:

Browse and search:

  • Browse from TOC
  • History browsing
  • Full-text search
  • Contextual search
  • Browse through links
  • Bookmarks and favorites
  • SNS browsing
  • Used links history

Content and graphics display:

  • NTI management
  • Applicability filtering



Rich media consultation:

  • Interactive parts data management
  • Audio and video content
  • Zoom and/or magnifier (local zoom)
  • Hotspot management

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