Tailored strategies to guide your business digital transformation and optimize all your digital channels, online visibility and social reputation.

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Strengthen brand positioning and user engagement across all digital touchpoints – from corporate websites to partner portals and next-generation intranets.

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Enhance your global marketing efforts through personalized tactics that attract, engage and retain your prospects and customers across channels.

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Innovative tools for after-sales and self-service support to improve customer engagement and satisfaction within each phase of the buying journey.

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Streamline the lifecycle of information to optimize business communication, boost employee productivity and gain complete process visibility.

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Connect your teams with a full-blown collaborative ecosystem that maximizes mobility, productivity and efficiency organization-wide.


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Gain 360-degree customer insight and deliver best-in-class case resolution by integrating customer interactions with business information and processes.

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Optimize and secure your information workflows with a GDPR strategy focused on the privacy by design/default vision and integrated accountability.

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Speak the language of your customers and reach new markets with expertly translated content for all touchpoints and industries, including Life Sciences.

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Simplify translation projects and vendor management with Transplicity, our intelligent, flexible translation management technology .

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Discover SiteSync, a faster and easier solution for website translation that can reduce your website time to market by up to 90% and deliver on-demand analytics.

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Develop engaging multilingual content for any target audience and execute marketing campaigns that are optimized to maximize ROI.

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A powerful business intelligence tool designed to standardize the data management process across your entire company and over the entire life cycle of your products.


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The most advanced, flexible, and mature solution that helps users create, compile, and manage regulatory submissions and submission publishing.


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A highly flexible solution, which enables users to efficiently manage R&D project and document management, including trial management.


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An integral, flexible, and enterprise-ready software, which supports quality management processes as well as controlled documents, enabling life sciences companies to reduce regulatory risks and improve product safety and quality.

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26 JULY 2018 | Online

Transformation and Innovation in Regulatory Affairs

Cognizant joins AMPLEXOR Life Sciences to present insights that drive change in the regulatory environment and innovative technologies that play a significant role in shaping modern Regulatory Affairs.

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12 SEPTEMBER 2018 | San Francisco, California

AMPLEXOR’s annual Innovation Summit

Join us for a decadent evening of innovation and networking at one of San Francisco’s finest restaurants. While taking in epic views of the waterfront, learn how some of the world’s biggest brands are turning global content management into a competitive advantage.

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26 SEPTEMBER 2018 | Online

How AMPLEXOR Helped a Valued Client Pave the Way for Paradigm Change

Attend our free webinar to learn how AMPLEXOR helped redefine the way a top global mobility solutions provider purchases and uses language technology and services.

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18 OCTOBER 2018 | Ghent, Belgium

Next generation intranets: shaping the modern workplace with Office365

Join us in Ghent for a networking lunch & interactive discussion about the future of intranets and today's challenges of making collaboration a success within a hyper-connected yet nomadic workforce.

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Press Release - Announcing AMPLEXOR’s July Webinar that Focuses on Transformation and Innovation in Regulatory Affairs

12 Jul 2018

The webinar, presented by Cognizant Technology Solutions and AMPLEXOR Life Sciences, offers opportunities for holistic transformation of regulatory affairs’ business processes, data, and platforms.

AMPLEXOR in Pharmaceutical Technology

09 Jul 2018

AMPLEXOR’s Sinisa Belina shares is views about why Life Sciences firms should prepare for artificial intelligence as long-term potential.

Press Release - AMPLEXOR’s 20th Annual BE THE EXPERT Event

09 Jul 2018

Conference and training attracts delegates from all over the world to hear how AI and machine learning can transform the industry, from translations to managing regulatory requirements

AMPLEXOR raises funds for childhood cancer research in the Netherlands

08 Jul 2018

AMPLEXOR Netherlands team participated in the annual Run for Kika fundraising marathon in Eindhoven to help fund research aimed at improving the lives of children living with cancer.

AMPLEXOR sponsors Swissloop, finalist project at Hyperloop Pod Competition

02 Jul 2018

AMPLEXOR is sponsoring the Swissloop team, the leading project from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich) for the Elon Musk Hyperloop Competition. This partnership follows our continued commitment and passion for innovation and technological development.

AMPLEXOR in Pharmaceutical Executive Europe

25 Jun 2018

At the recent AMPLEXOR Life Sciences’ “Be The Expert” conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia, Steve Gens of life sciences consultancy Gens & Associates talked about the evolution of Regulatory Information Management (RIM) and offered some predictions for 2022. Pharm Exec caught up with Steve for an update of the current and future state of RIM.


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