Tailored strategies to guide your business digital transformation and optimize all your digital channels, online visibility and social reputation.

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Strengthen brand positioning and user engagement across all digital touchpoints – from corporate websites to partner portals and next-generation intranets.

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Enhance your global marketing efforts through personalized tactics that attract, engage and retain your prospects and customers across channels.

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Innovative tools for after-sales and self-service support to improve customer engagement and satisfaction within each phase of the buying journey.

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Streamline the lifecycle of information to optimize business communication, boost employee productivity and gain complete process visibility.

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Connect your teams with a full-blown collaborative ecosystem that maximizes mobility, productivity and efficiency organization-wide.


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Gain 360-degree customer insight and deliver best-in-class case resolution by integrating customer interactions with business information and processes.

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Optimize and secure your information workflows with a GDPR strategy focused on the privacy by design/default vision and integrated accountability.

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Speak the language of your customers and reach new markets with expertly translated content for all touchpoints and industries, including Life Sciences.

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Simplify translation projects and vendor management with Transplicity, our intelligent, flexible translation management technology .

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Discover SiteSync, a faster and easier solution for website translation that can reduce your website time to market by up to 90% and deliver on-demand analytics.

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Develop engaging multilingual content for any target audience and execute marketing campaigns that are optimized to maximize ROI.

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A powerful business intelligence tool designed to standardize the data management process across your entire company and over the entire life cycle of your products.


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The most advanced, flexible, and mature solution that helps users create, compile, and manage regulatory submissions and submission publishing.


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A highly flexible solution, which enables users to efficiently manage R&D project and document management, including trial management.


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An integral, flexible, and enterprise-ready software, which supports quality management processes as well as controlled documents, enabling life sciences companies to reduce regulatory risks and improve product safety and quality.

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27 FEBRUARY 2020 | Online

Understanding EU MDR Post-Market Surveillance Challenges and Requirements

Join Amplexor for an informative webinar regarding new EU MDR PMS requirements

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27 FEBRUARY 2020 |

Table Talk Dublin - The ROI of Localization

Join Amplexor and Common Sense Advisory (CSA), for a roundtable discussion on how to build a localization ROI case.

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27 FEBRUARY 2020 | Minneapolis, MN USA

Table Talk - Minneapolis

Join Amplexor for a Table Talk in Minneapolis, MN, for a lively discussion about ever-increasing digitization within the procurement space, and how to harness the power of advanced technology.

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12 - 13 MARCH 2020 | Portland, USA

Engage Marketing Conference 2020

Visit the Amplexor booth at this exciting marketing conference in beautiful Portland, OR.

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Amplexor returns to Belgium career roadshow to attract new talents

19 Feb 2020

Amplexor returns to annual career roadshow in colleges and universities, from February 19th to March 19th

Amplexor certified as a Great Place to Work in Belgium

13 Feb 2020

Amplexor recognized as one of the best Belgian Workplaces by the Great Place to Work Institute

Amplexor grows team of Adobe multi-solution certified experts

10 Feb 2020

Amplexor digital experience experts recognized as Adobe Subject-Matter Experts after winning multi-solution certification.

European Parliament awards new translation contract to Amplexor

30 Jan 2020

The European Parliament renewed its confidence in Amplexor with eight new translation services contracts.

Pharmiweb features Amplexor’s David Gwyn

27 Jan 2020

Amplexor’s David Gwyn considers the untapped potential of digital resources in a recent article for Pharmiweb

OpenText Platinum partnership awarded to Amplexor once again

17 Jan 2020

Amplexor has been named Platinum Partner for the second year, the highest level of OpenText partnership.