Enterprise collaboration

One of the biggest competitive advantages of any business is the ability to clearly understand stakeholder needs. By providing the best collaboration tools, AMPLEXOR allows you to deeply understand and create meaningful, long-term connections with your suppliers, partners, customers and employees.

  • Extend collaboration beyond internal teams
    • Involve and engage your customers, partners and suppliers
    • Focus on securely sharing team / project sites, groups and business applications
    • Take advantage of available technology: Azure AD B2B, as an example, is a set of capabilities that enable secure collaboration between business-to-business partners.
  • Use data insights to optimize business strategies
    • Empower employees with familiar tools for data management and analytics, (e.g., Excel or Power BI)
    • Translate data into useful insights, trends and reports
    • Leverage data insights to fuel business growth and improve customer satisfaction
  • Define a proactive strategy for securing employee happiness (i.e., continuous change management)
    • Create common spaces for sharing ideas, learning, collaboration and innovation
    • Promote the transition from a world of individual creation to real-time, anytime, anywhere collective creation
    • Support a multi-device approach to allow true mobility and work flexibility

Does your company need to strengthen its engagement with internal stakeholders?