Employee Experience

Being restricted to a physical office is a thing of the past. AMPLEXOR Digital Workplace allows you to improve your employees’ work experience by delivering all tools and technologies they need to stay fully productive on the go.

  • Work from any device with access to business information and resources from remote PCs and mobile devices.
  • Improve team collaboration when working with documents, spreadsheets and presentations by enabling teams to easily author, review, revise, share and track updates on content in one single version of the document.
  • Create your own social network by connecting employees, partners and suppliers with a familiar social interface to share ideas and promote open dialogues.
  • Meet instantly or schedule new and/or recurring meetings, conferences and large-scale trainings.
  • Get all your business apps through a single web interface that is accessible from any device, including tablets and smartphones.

Do you want to improve your employees' productivity?