User Assistance Reloaded 2019

15 May 2019

Amplexor will be present at User Assistance Reloaded 2019 with a presentation on Augmented Reality applications for immersive user assistance. UA Reloaded is the third edition of the conference, organized by tekom (German Association for Technical Communication) and exclusively dedicated to user experience in service assistance, taking place between 15 and 16 May in St. Leon-Rot, Germany.

Under the theme Break through to the other side of user assistance, the two-day conference takes a fresh look at how digital transformation and emerging technologies are changing user assistance. From artificial intelligence and machine learning through video documentation, international experts will share insights on how to leverage new content technologies and design trends to create standout service experiences.

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Augmented Reality: State of the art, insights into current customer projects and cost Considerations

Workshop 📅 Wednesday, 15 May 🕑 15:40 by <a href="#speaker">Uli Henningsen</a>

While AR is already being used in the enterprise context by a small number of pioneers for a couple of years now, an ever-increasing movement in the market for AR products and services has been noted since 2016. The varied use cases and the related advantages mean that companies are increasingly investing in AR, and this investment is estimated to reach $50 billion by 2020. Companies that are already working on the subject recognize the added value of AR as a part of their product and as a channel to improve their performance. Possible use cases are:

  1. Maintenance and repair
  2. Remote expert support
  3. Immersive workplace training
  4. Innovative product marketing
  5. Super charged sales presentations

Amplexor offers integrated Enterprise AR Solutions and relies on cooperation with its technology partners such as Adobe or RE'FLEKT in the implementation of AR projects. In the workshop, we will discuss the use case scenarios on the basis of current customer projects and also illuminate the costs to be taken into account.

Meet the speaker


Uli Henningsen is Senior Manager Strategic Accounts at Amplexor. Uli has more than 25 years of experience in IT, with expertise in customer acquisition and management in IT-related markets as well as in software development and product management.


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UA Reloaded 2019 is open to anyone who is interested, user assistance and service experience, the sessions will be particularly beneficial for industry professionals who hold following roles: Technical Writers, Authors and Content Developers, Technical Publication Managers, Technical Illustrators, Documentation Specialists, Engineers and Managers, Policies and Procedures Specialists, Instructional Designers, Knowledgebase and eLearning Professionals, User Experience Designers, Visual Designers, Information Architects and Developers, Usability & Human Factors Professionals, Subject Matter Experts and Casual Content Contributors.


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