Tailoring a Managed Translation Program to Support Your Global Goals

19 February 2019


When it comes to content globalization, are you struggling to strike the right balance between having full control of your translation program and letting your language service provider (LSP) manage everything?

Some companies want to fully outsource their translation program to a LSP. Others think they want complete control, so they purchase a translation management system only to find out they bit off more than they could chew without the right in-house expertise. 

Our webinar, Tailoring a Managed Translation Program to Support Your Global Goals, will explain how to get the best of both worlds. During the session we’ll discuss:

  • Common goals companies have when it comes to globalizing content
  • Typical challenges often encountered when establishing translation programs
  • Tools and resources that can be customized to overcome those challenges and achieve success

There is a way to maintain an ideal level of control over your translation program, while still allowing an LSP to manage the nitty-gritty logistics of translation processes. Such a partnership takes the pain out of managing translation and enables you to maximize return on your investment.


Cate McCarthy, VP Global Solutions Architecture, Amplexor
Cate McCarthy is based in Ireland and came to Amplexor through the Sajan merger in 2018. She is strategic and a team player, leading the global solutions architect team, while emphasizing client satisfaction and relationship development across the organization. Cate provides visionary leadership to her colleagues and clients by analyzing opportunity scopes and suggesting creative approaches to solutions. She is a “big-picture” driver and always brings enthusiasm to client interactions and experiences.