SiteSync Translation Proxy: The fastest way to launch your multilingual site

29 January 2019

Looking to expand your customer base? Considering global audiences? Don’t forget to incorporate website translation into your growth strategy. 

Website translation can be a daunting process if it is not planned well. However, the use of traditional translation approaches vs. proxy technology raises questions: Which is better? Which is right for your company? What are the pros and cons of each?

In our webinar, SiteSync Translation Proxy: The fastest way to launch your multilingual site, we’ll compare a traditional website translation process to our proprietary proxy technology to help you understand and evaluate the different solution options and make the right choice for your organization. Highlights of the presentation include:

  • An introduction to, and comparison of, website translation approaches
  • The benefits of SiteSync (e.g., no technical development, faster time to market, easy updating, SEO + MSEO and automation)
  • A hypothetical case study to showcase the differences between traditional and proxy-based website translation

There are many reasons for translating a website using the traditional method, but proxy technology can often help you globalize more quickly. It is vital you weigh the options to select a solution that is right for your business.


Robert O’Shaughnessy, Solutions Architect, Amplexor
Robert has an extensive background in web development, marketing and translation. His goal is to help clients arrive at the most cost effective and streamlined solution by leveraging Amplexor’s expansive technology and services portfolio.