Project Management in Teams: Best Practices, Tips & Tricks

15 December | 14:00-14:45 CET 

Join our webinar to learn more about how to manage projects on Teams, with easy and secure collaboration. 

In less than a year, Microsoft Teams jumped from 20 million to 115 million daily users. For many it has become the standard for teamwork and collaboration. 

In fact, Teams is a perfect fit to manage projects, as they need clear communication, document sharing, task planning and reporting; all features which are Teams’ bread and butter. 

But there’s a lot more that you can achieve for project management in Microsoft Teams! How about securely collaborating with external project members? Maybe integrating a broad set of project management apps into your Teams environment? 

In this webinar we start from the basics of Project management in Microsoft Teams, but will also take you to more advanced areas such as MS Project integration, portfolio management and governance. 

Why attend?

In this session you will learn about: 

  1. Configuring MS Teams to optimally manage projects. 
  2. Bringing together project productivity apps in a single Teams user interface. 
  3. Keeping a good overview over the full set of running projects in your organization. 
  4. Integrating tools such as MS Project and Roadmap into Teams. 
  5. Collaborating securely with external users in your projects. 

Still unsure if you should join us? Meet us there and get an Uber Eats (15€) voucher to use for a late lunch or early snack during our session!

Meet the Speaker

Tom Laureys

Solution Director ECM, Amplexor

Tom Laureys is Solution Director ECM at Amplexor based in Belgium. For the past 10 years, Tom has been helping clients across industries find the right technology to effectively digitize their business processes and improve collaboration and productivity. His combination of strategic thinking and expertise in a range of platforms - from Alfresco and Documentum to SharePoint and Office 365 – grant him the capacity to capture new trends on the market and turn them into solutions for our customers. 


Project Management in Teams: Best Practices, Tips & Tricks

15 December | 14:00-14:45 CET  

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