OpenText Innovate 2019

14 December 2018

It’s almost two years since the Documentum acquisition by OpenText. In these two years OpenText has successfully incorporated the Documentum products into their offering and supported the continued development of the Documentum portfolio. It’s now time to see what’s on the horizon for Documentum — and look forward to what is happening next.

Next 14 December, Amplexor will host the OpenText Innovate 2019 session at Eindhoven. Together with OpenText, we will dive into the latest developments, hear from OpenText on the roadmap and see what innovations for Documentum are in the pipeline.


08:30  Arrival "meet and greet"

09:30  Welcome and highlights 2018

09:45  OpenText keynote (Stefan Weiss – OpenText)

10:30  Coffee Break

10:45  Customer meets Customer

11:00  Extended ECM and Appworks for Documentum (Herbert van Til – OpenText)

11:30  Inspirational session followed by lunch


Steijgerweg 8,
5616 HS Eindhoven