Keeping your digital workplaces secure and user friendly

8 December | 14:00-14:45 CET 

Join our webinar to find how to protect your digital workplaces privacy and security while keeping usability on top of mind. 

This years shift to digital and working from home has made most companies have to quickly adapt to new systems and new ways of working.

Moving fast has great advantages however it increases the risk of mistakes. When it comes to security, we can’t afford that. We always need to be one step ahead so work is never compromised.

Join us for a live session to explore what Microsoft offers to protect your working environments in Azure and Microsoft 365 and learn how you can balance a secure digital workplace while maintaining it user friendly.

Why attend?

In this session you can learn more about: 

  1. Establishing a measurable safety baseline. 
  2. Protecting your users from any location
  3. Simplifying work in a trusted environment
  4. The value of Conditional Access and DLP
  5. Best practices on passwords

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Meet the Speaker

Maarten Boonen

ECS Technical Consultant, Amplexor

Maarten loves cheese, big dogs and smiles on people’s faces. He’s been working since the early beginning of cloud with the Microsoft stack and always had a strong focus on usability and protection for regulatory needs.   


Keeping your digital workplaces secure and user friendly

8 December | 14:00-14:45 CET  

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