DIA 28th Annual EuroMeeting

06 April 2016

The DIA 2016 28th Annual EuroMeeting was held on 6-8 April, 2016 in Hamburg, ‘the gateway to the world’ - the perfect place to exchange scientific knowledge. It provided an opportunity to learn from each other and to work in partnership to improve the health of society. 

The sessions offered this year had covered pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical products. It had been an opportunity to exchange views and to discuss new technologies, new legislation and their implementation, as well as new information on patient tools in a collegial environment where improving health is the common goal.

A wide variety of sessions was offered, with topics ranging from early development to market access. They included:

  • Health technology assessment – more targeted medicines and specialty technologies
  • Lifecycle benefit risk management – evidence for market access and efficacy assessments
  • Special populations – requirements adapted for pediatrics and geriatrics
  • Availability of medicinal products – marketing authorization and drug  availability
  • Clinical trials – operation of efficacy and personalized medicines
  • Medical writing - information to patients – balance between ‘too long and too short”
  • Big data / e-Health – opportunities and challenges of access to patient data
  • Medical affairs – better interaction between stakeholders via novel technologies


Hamburg, Germany