19th IGBA Annual Conference / 22nd Medicines for Europe

08 June 2016

Medicines for Europe and IGBA joined forces to create an opportunity to learn about global developments in generic, biosimilar and value added medicines. The joint 22nd Medicines for Europe and 19th IGBA Annual Conference delivered a unique platform to meet and network with industry, regulators and key stakeholders from all over the world.

At the 2016 Conference in Dubrovnik, attendees had the opportunity to:

  • Discover new strategic business opportunities
  • Gain insight into the latest market developments
  • Discuss sustainable healthcare systems with payers, regulators and policy makers


  • Learn about the major differences between marketing generic vs biosimilar medicines.
  • What are today the key barriers and drivers to biosimilar uptake?
  • Learn about the incredible innovation happening in our industry that will improve healthcare for all.
  • What makes a generic and biosimilar industrial sector an asset for patients, the healthcare community and governments?
  • What is the difference between a complex to make generic and a value added medicine?
  • Learn about the current market trends in the generic and biosimilar medicines industry for developed countries.
  • How can we create more predictable pricing models for essential generic medicines which are the backbone of healthcare?
  • What are the government policies that can boost your manufacturing opportunities?
  • An overview of ongoing regulatory cooperation initiatives: IGDRP, ICH, Biosimilars Cluster, TTIP regulatory convergence
  • How does regulatory convergence concretely impact my development?
  • Learn how your company can get involved in regulatory cooperation projects
  • What’s the impact of counterfeit and falsified medicines in the world? What is the risk for patients and for the reputation of your company?
  • How can companies make a difference in the fight against counterfeiting?
  • Learn about how leading industry CEOs plan to deliver on access in a challenging economic and political environment
  • People are living longer: what does this mean for your product portfolio and future development? Can this industry continue its role as the backbone of medicines supply for healthcare?
  • Learn about generic medicines markets in Brazil, Mexico, Middle East, North Africa and South Africa
  • What are the major socio-economic trends affecting healthcare? Ageing populations, chronic disease development, etc.
  • Learn about how to create sustainable and continuous access to medicines for patients in hospitals.
  • How to develop intelligence on hospital market reforms and their impact on your business?
  • How can regulatory cooperation strengthen the international supply chain of generic medicines?
  • Where does the role of the industry gives way to the one of governments & regulators?
  • Through real case studies, learn how to maximise the use of digital technology to educate and inform about the benefits of generic, biosimilar and value added medicines.


Radisson Blu Dubrovnik Sun Gardens Resort 

Na Moru

20234 Dubrovnik



Damir Stanic at Amplexor Life Sciences booth