What Can Life Sciences Firms Really Achieve in AI

31 October 2018

Amplexor in Pharma Technology Focus

At the 2018 Amplexor Life Sciences’ “Be The Expert” conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia, Peter Brandstetter, senior manager with PwC , spoke about what is achievable and realistic for AI in life sciences, both in the short-term and long-term. This article from Brandstetter, published in Pharma Technology Focus, takes a deeper dive into his presentation as he outlines the future of AI.

Artificial intelligence has been one of the most hyped technologies of the past decade. It is used by organisations in a variety of sectors in a multitude of ways, and for an industry such as life sciences the potential for AI to transform is rich. But what is achievable, in both the short term and long term? PwC’s Peter Brandstetter shares his expertise.