Amplexor Life Sciences in Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology" magazine"

18 December 2017

Amplexor Life Sciences in "Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology" magazine

December 18, 2017

Advances in electronic content management have evolved, but recognised global brands in the life sciences market continue to manage local translations in a highly fragmented way. This results in higher costs and risks to safety and influences overall speed-to-market. A more systematic approach is necessary.

Today, successfully competing in the life sciences market demands the right combination of business agility and control. Agility is necessary for organisations to get their product to market sooner, and control is needed to ensure they never fall foul of local market requirements.

However, it is perplexing that this industry, which is subject to stringent, diverse and frequently changing regulation, has a tendency to manage content for international markets in an inefficient and error-prone way.

Amplexor Life Sciences helps pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology organizations launch products and break new markets quickly. Its solutions and services expedite the creation and delivery of consistent, compliant and high-quality global content – both physical and digital – across all target countries. Its services include technology consultancy, implementation and management services, as well as technical writing, medical translation and linguistic validation services.