Better efficiency in editorial processing and publications

21 October 2014

Better efficiency in editorial processing and publications

October 21, 2014

The French Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Direction de l´Information Légale et administrative, DILA) produces and publishes the French Official Journal (JOLD) on a daily basis. DILA is the result of the merger of the previous French National Documentation and the Office of Official Journals. It provides instant access to the law and information about public tenders, associations and their registration procedures online, etc.

As it has become the ultimate communication platform for government agencies, public organizations and companies, it is used by about 40 000 different institutions and organizations to publish their information. DILA chose euroscript less than three years ago to further optimize process editorial submissions and related publications. The challenge was to provide a modern system which would replace the many different systems which were in use, support the daily production of the Official Journal and other publications, while being entirely configurable. The integrated system can recognize the type of documentation, and it is able to convert many different submitted documents into XML documents, based on dedicated systems adapted for DILA. This function decreases processing time and ensures high-quality editorial processing. Furthermore, the assignment and monitoring of tasks has become easier, which further increases efficiency.

The project team consisted of professionals from DILA and euroscript and the excellent coordination by the two top management teams ensured the success of this project. Mr. Philippe Cosnard - public and product assistant director at the DILA, and chairman of the STILA project steering committee - concluded the last operational meeting involving euroscript by saying that "euroscript can be proud of its success in bringing a complex project to fruition within the deadlines, while meeting DILA’s very high expectations in terms of results."