Amplexor and Kentico present customer experience and lead generation innovations in Paris

18 April 2018

Amplexor Digital Experience partnered with Kentico to participate at eMarketing, the annual gathering of digital marketers in Paris, which took place on April 10 to 12. With a conference program dedicated to the evolution of digital marketing, in particular from data-driven to people-driven marketing, the event was the perfect forum to present our innovative strategy in terms of customer experience and lead generation, through a live workshop and dedicated booth.

Nathalie Gout, Director Strategic Accounts Digital at Amplexor, and Alexandre Guytard, Territory Sales Manager at Kentico, lead an interactive workshop on the latest tools and best practices to better attract, convert and retain prospects. The speakers took attendees on a tour through Kentico's CMS platform and its out-of-the-box features for multi-channel marketing.

In our dedicated booth, Amplexor and Kentico teams also had the unique opportunity to connect one-to-one with marketing professionals in France. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how it’s changing the way marketers communicate with their audiences was one of the topics sparking most discussions from digital marketers seeking privacy compliance tools and guidelines.

Whether booth visitors were looking into building a new website, an online store or an intranet portal, our experts also got to show hands-on demos of our latest digital tools and share brand communication success stories.

This joint initiative is one of the activities planned in the scope of our recently announced partnership.

Amplexor Workshop at E-marketing Paris ,
Nathalie Gout, Director Strategic Accounts Digital at Amplexor presenting

Amplexor Workshop at E-marketing Paris ,
Alexandre Guytard, Territory Sales Manager at Kentico presenting

Amplexor and Kentico at E-marketing Paris 2018

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