2nd Intranet & Digital Workplace Conference explores new employee experience trends

13 June 2019

2 editions. +100 professionals. Endless reasons to return. These are just some of the highlights from the 2nd Brussels Intranet & Digital Workplace Conference, hosted by ValueIntranet and sponsored by Amplexor, last 23 May in Belgium.

Intranet, digital workplace and social collaboration enthusiasts got together at The International Auditorium in Brussels to discuss the importance of building a great digital workplace experience and explore the pros and cons of different platforms.

Not only did the event bring up the latest employee experience trends, but it was also enriched with real life, hands on case studies presented by local businesses and international organizations. Proximus, the largest telecommunications company in Belgium, shared their view of the digital workplace not as a business tool, but as a continued effort to improve communication, collaboration and support. The Smart@Work programme from Mediahuis featured another perspective. For the newspaper publishing and broadcast media company, rolling out Office 365 and Microsoft Teams to the business transformed their ways of working.

New multilingual and personalized intranets were also showcased at the conference as the current approach of international companies to ensure relevance. Just to name a few.

How can we improve employee experience? Whether it´s through intelligent workplace solutions like Office 365 or personalized intranet-in-a-box solutions like Valo, the way to go is definitely towards a collaboration culture that thrives on easier teamwork, centralized communications, idea management, employee engagement and personalized experiences.

A survey conducted during the conference reflected these trends and the growing adoption of collaboration technologies. While 34% of the attendees are already using Office 365 and out-of-the-box intranet platforms such as Valo to facilitate internal communications, the vast majority (81%) plan to take advantage of these technologies to modernize their digital workplace experiences in the near future.

Amplexor has also partnered with ValueIntranet to launch The Luxembourg Digital Workplace Community, an informal discussion group around the latest intranet trends and employee experience best practices. The initiative kick-off took place on 15 May, and the pre-registrations are already open for the next meeting, planned for September 2019. 

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